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Society Leaders

An ever evolving Clan..

The Clan Logan Society of Canada is constantly looking for people to add to its team! These are the leaders we currently have, people who promote our Scottish Clan with great pride in different ways. Want to become a Representative? send us an email.

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Steven Logan Founder,
President and Canadian Commissioner of The Clan Logan Society of Canada

Steven Logan started representing his Clan as the Representative of Québec back in 2007. He gradually got more and more involved in the Scottish community in Canada and elsewhere. After being a Representative of Quebec, Steven became representative of France when he moved there temporarily. When he came back to  Montreal, Canada, he continued as Clan Ambassador and finally became Commissioner of Canada.

 He has proudly given to Clan Logan by hosting and attending various events all over the country and elsewhere in both English and French. He is an active member of The Montreal Saint-Andrew's Society since 2007, Canadian legion,  the Black watch officer's Mess, family Division and veteran's Association. Steven also has an active role with CASSOC(Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada) and acts as treasurer in that organization. Among other roles, he acts as Clan Director at the Montreal Highland Games. 

Steven has helped various organizations like the Montreal Saint Andrew's Society by donating works of art to help with fundraising with the Douglas Institute of Mental health.

He founded The Clan Logan Society of Canada at the end of June 2015  to give all Logans of Scottish descent a voice in Canada, a first for our Clan that was never represented here before.

Logan Modern tartanX.png

 Laurent Audar - Vice-President

Laurent Audar is the Vice-President our our Clan Logan organization.

Wait a minute here.. he's not a Logan.. but actually, he is!!!  Always remember that when you marry a Logan, you become one as you join the family. That is what happened to this Frenchman from France!!

He most certainly is the backbone of the Society. Laurent has contributed in many ways and helps make certain events possible. He makes sure that everything works and is ready. He has offered the most interesting ideas through the years and also helps with presentation material. Laurent also acts as Commissioner Steven Logan's chauffeur and helps as one of his side kicks.

Very honoured indeed to count Laurent as one of us!!


 Patrick Dionne-Kuno Representative of Ontario Canada

A few years ago, Steven Logan was hosting at the Maxville Highland Games and came across Patrick who is a Logan by blood. Patrick has since wanted to play an important part of Clan Logan and has become Representative of Ontario. Ontario is very lucky to have such a devoted representative who is active in the Scottish Scene in Ottawa. He has participated in kilt skates and special events like remembrance day ceremonies  on behalf of Clan Logan.

He will also be in Fergus in years to come.  Patrick is pictured with girlfriend Melissa Hull who also proudly wears the Logan colours. 

Logan Modern tartanX.png

Want to know more about becoming a Representative? 

Brionne Logan - Representative of Manitoba Canada

A Brionne is originally from Nova Scotia but now lives in Manitoba. He has participated in various Clan initiatives and has stepped up to becoming Clan Logan's first Manitoba representative January 2nd, 2022! You can see Brionne in his tribute to the Fergus Scottish festival and Highland Games. He also submitted a video for New year's!

Logan Modern tartanX.png

 Isabelle Lafalmme - Secretary - 1st Clanswoman

 Isabelle, although not a Logan by name, is one of Steven's Logan's best friends considered as a family member. She was therefore appointed secretary and 1st Clanswoman. Apart from secretarial duties, she acts as a link to the other women in the Clan. She is mostly seen at the Montreal Saint Andrew's Ball event. She also contributes ideas and helps our organization go forward.


  Émile Logan - 1st cat Chief of Canada

Émile Logan is The Clan Logan Society of Canada mascot. He is our very first cat Chief. His duties are..eating.. sleeping goes without saying, he displays many desirable Logan qualities we should all have.

Brionne Logan.jpg

There are other volunteer positions available also. We are looking for our own Clan genealogist, Clan piper etc. If you feel you can bring on your contribution, please send us an email!

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