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Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games 2022 

By Steven Logan


We arrived early for a rather busy day to host at the Fergus games on both Saturday,
August 13th and Sunday the 14th. This time around, we were able to make our set up a few days earlier so this meant we just had to show up and put up a few last minute things up. The first morning was rather cold.. we had to dress a little more warmly but as the sun rose, it became a regular summer day.

For our 2 days hosting, we were right in between of Clan Fergusson and Clan Elliot in the Clans avenue. The nice thing about being at any games early is that it allows you to go around and see what visitors will be before gates open. I did a lot of talking with the various Clans as our Vice-President Laurent wrapped up the installation. We were grouped with other Clan members of  CASSOC(Clans and Scottish Society of Canada) and centered around the new CASSOC booth which was also a huge success with visitors.


It is very important to mingle and talk briefly to as many Clans as you can at any event. At the start, this is difficult because you don't want to get in anybody's way as they do their own set up!  After I did my rounds, I went to the animal farm section, saw the cows and sheep and managed to go in the opposite direction to see the merchants and food trucks.At these games, I was able to forward Clan Logan's Interest with Scottish Clan Chiefs that visited like
Pauline Hunter of Hunterston, Chief of the Name of Hunter and Commander Richard Baird For Clan Baird.

I would go back and forth from the Logan tent, leaving Laurent to actively host. Laurent would also take time to venture off. We met many people and this was also a good turn out for many Logans.. we even had a Mike Logan who had the Logan crest tattoo on his arm! He told us he was moving to the UK very soon. As I gave him information about his Logan roots and heritage, I kindly mentioned we were looking for a UK Representative at the Clan Logan Society International, that the position has been vacant for some time now. He demonstrated great interest in this so I gave him the info he needed and we will see if he contacts us again. At these games, I have felt a great interest in our Clan.


We even had a Scott and Kimberly Logan show up, pleased to have seen us at the Clans parade held during the day.A lot of information was given about us and the Chief project and why it is important to get the Chief of Clan Logan reinstated. It was really nice to see the clans again. We had so much to say to each other, our plans, what we are all doing and our future projects. The 2 days hosting went by very fast and on the Sunday, we were left saddened it was all over and we had to pack up and leave! After we finished packing our banners and things, we went
to the restaurant, the Brew House on the Grand, to meet up with the Clans. We received a very warm welcome from Clan Young and Clan Farquarson, Clan Davidson and the others. Nice to be with people we consider our extended family. Our Clan is looked upon favourably by what we heard.


They told me that they appreciated my implication for doing varied events for so many years, it be in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario Quebec and even other countries like the United States and France. They want us to consider doing a family vote so we get a Commander when the time is right. The also seem to think I should consider putting my name
in for the work I have done so far for the Clan. I am ready to accept any role given to me if our Clan as a whole has decided it, based on my hard work, dedication and passion if I am worthy of such an honour. We look forward to the next Fergus Scottish festival and Highland Games!


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