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Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
By Steven Logan

Clan Logan continued it's busy end of April Black Watch weekend. After attending the
Colonel's Dining-In, I went back to the Armoury on Bleury street in Montreal on 
April 30th, 2022. This time, it was to participate in the Black watch Veteran's Association
meeting and then to help my Family Division with the spaghetti fundraiser.

It was really nice to continue my involvement with various groups and especially my 
family Division that takes great pride in gathering funds to help Black watch Soldiers who
are on missions abroad. These officers battle loneliness and psychological alienation so
getting something in the mail does help them to hold on in difficult times for extended
periods far from their loved ones.

Chantale Ménard, the President of the family Division welcomed people and invited them to 
get served with their spaghetti, salad and bun at the designated space. Many people came to
this event including our own members and supporters. Clan Logan members Nadia Dupin and Céline Joncas attended with their Clan Logan pins. It was nice to see our members again enjoying themselves and promoting us. We were entertained with the Black Watch Pipes and Drums.


After our meal, Chantale came to ask me for my help with cutting the cake for attendees. As I did that, I was approached by an affluent Black watch officer who was very happy to see Clan Logan making a difference. I was told that the efforts made were paying off and that I was managing the Clan's visibility very well and encouraged to continue. He told me that Clan Logan was the most visible Scottish Clan at this time in Montreal. This is very good news for us.

 As the evening continued, there were a few surprises. Chantale Ménard received a handmade quilt as a thank you gesture for her hard work getting the family Division going. The Spaghetti dinner event concluded with a raffle and prizes were handed out to the lucky winners. Chantale thanked everyone for coming and showing their support wishing them a wonderful evening.

It was a really good feeling to be part of the action again. Nice to know that life continues 
despite the current pandemic continuing on. I have a lot to do for our Clan and intend to give it
my best shot to put us on the map again for all Logans one event at a time. I would like to 
congratulate the Black Watch Family Division for getting the Spaghetti Dinner going despite 
the challenges. It was really nice and all guests were very happy.


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