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Sons of Scotland commemoration event
By Patrick-Dionne Kuno

On November 11 2021, the Sons of Scotland had an after party to commemorate and reminisce about all the remembrance day events we attended at Deacon  Brodie’s Scottish pub and restaurant in downtown Ottawa.

Once at the pub, we were brought to a grouping of tables that PM (Pipe Major) Bethany Bisaillon (head of the band) had reserved for us. Throughout the afternoon and evening, we got to talk about all the events that happened during the day. The band has been asked to play at multiple events including the national war memorial, Russell legion in Russell Ontario as well as the Perly-Rideau Veterans retirement centre. The bagpipes could be heard all over the room as members of the band walked around and played for members of the  armed forces that came for pints that night. During the night, we also played at the army officers' mess around the corner where the first poppies in Canada were made exactly 100 years ago. It was an evening to remember.


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