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The Virtual Montreal Canada day parade 2020

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Walcheren Causeway Dinner

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About us

The Clan Logan Society of Canada is based in Verdun, Quebec. It was founded by Steven Logan, Clan Logan Commissioner in 2016. We want to reunite all the Logans across the country and also find our Scottish Clan Chief.

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Membership is open to all Logans of Scottish descent and their friends. If you would like to join us, please fill out the form bellow and let us know!

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Due to Covid-1, as well all know, events have been cancelled and  The Clan Logan Society of Canada had no choice to temporarily and sadly postpone most of the 23 events planned this year.


We were pleasantly surprised when our friends who organize the parade contacted us for a virtual event that would take place on July 1st, 2020 and that would be on Youtube. This was a first for us and what a great idea!! Clan Logan was asked to participate by submitting a short video to be included among the  other participants. Through the years, there have been many pictures of us at various events but not much video footage released. We managed to get a basic photo montage video going, here it is below!9

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