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Cassoc's tartan celebration

On Sunday April 11th, 2021, I had the pleasure to attend and participate in CASSOC's
tartan celebration hosted by our chair, William Petrie. There were quite a few surprises that
we enjoyed. If you weren't present, you missed out on an impressive event.



Rory Sinclair took out his bagpipes and played live to the delight of all participants. William Petrie hosted and offered a very dynamic, heart felt presentation that inspired many as he spoke of tartan day and presented videos.


We got a powerpoint presentation, that was very well done and got to see various ways of 
celebration tartan day across Canada. Our 2019 clan Logan tartan day event with the Canadian Legion that was also featured during this event to our great surprise and enjoyment.

 CASSOC was also able to share its most recent accomplishment, a CASSOC Scottish Studies Graduate bursary with the University of Guelph that will support the college of Arts, and more specifically the History and the Centre for Scottish Studies. A bursary value of 1000$ over 5 years.

 Participants were proposed a tartan design competition that was a huge success. People were grouped in breakout rooms to chose a name for a tartan, the colours and reasons associated. This allowed participants to gather ideas and share. Once our homework was all done in our respective groups,we regrouped to share our findings and William using tartan software, created the tartan. There was a teacher's guild tartan, a Uisghe Beatha tartan and the four seasons of Canada tartan .The winner was the Uisghe Beatha tartan. It was a very successful event that highlights Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada's goal to celebrate our Scottish cultural heritage and promote it. This event was a very successful one that we hope to take part in in upcoming years.

Rory Sinclair CASSOC
Rory Sinclair listens as the event unfolds.
Many people came to the event including your Commissioner Steven Logan who is also treasurer for CASSOC.
CASSOC group  Steven Logan
Uisghe Beatha tartan
four seasons tartan
Teacher's guild tartan
3 tartans were created by the various groups, from left to right, we have the Uisghe Beatha tartan, 4 seasons tartan and Teacher's guild tartan.
Rory Sinclair bagpipes CASSOC
Rory Sinclair plays his bagpipes.

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