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Quebec Thistle awards 2018

The Auld Alliance Awards Ceremony held by the Quebec Thistle Committee took place on April 28th, 2018 at the Officer's Mess of The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada. Clan Logan was there to celebrate the accomplishments of the winners who contributed and made a difference in the Scottish community. The event began with a piper call to the awards presentation with the piper himself escorting the table guests. Welcoming remarks were given by Mr. Sean Smith, followed by presentation of the awards.

Awards were given for:

- Scottish Highland Dancing
- Cultural Activities
- Athlete of the Year
- Highland Military History
- A Special Award for Piping
- The Quebec Thistle Fellows Award
- Scotsman of the Year

Mr.Sean Smith gives a warm welcome.
@picture copyright Peter Matulina
Mr.Sean Smith with Fellow of the Thistle winner Sterling Downey
@picture copyright Peter Matulina
@picture copyright Peter Matulina
Scotsman of the year L.Col-Ret Bruce D Bolton
@picture copyright Peter Matulina
Scottish dancing at its best! 

 Students from the Stephenson School of Dance received the Scottish Highland Dancing Awards.
Once the awards ceremony adjourned, the head table was piped out and a reception and gin tasting followed. The winners
of the Dancing Awards performed Scottish dancing followed by a raffle. We would like to thank the Quebec
Thistle Committee for this event.


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