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About clan Logan

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Clan Logan crest: Hoc Majorum Virtus ( This is the valour of my ancestors)

The Logan Clan Crest which, all members are entitled to wear, is from the crest on the top of the Clan Logan Chief’s “Coat of Arms”. The complete Logan Coat of Arms( a circle instead of a belt) is displayed only by the Clan Chief. The crest depicts a humain heart with a passion nail proper.The wearing of the Clan Logan Chief’s Crest, is a way of honoring the Chief,  the  Clan association and  Scottish Family Ancestry.

Clan Logan is both a Highland and a Lowland clan. The lowland branch descends from Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig who married a daughter of Robert II and, in 1400, became Admiral of Scotland. 

 Clan Logan is known for the Heart of the king, which also appears in our crest. In 1330 brothers Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig and Sir Walter Logan; along with Sir William de Keith, Sir William de St. Clair of Rosslyn; accompanied Sir James Douglas in his quest to take the heart of the dead King Robert 1 of Scotland to the Holy Land


Douglas and his company had been received by Alfonso IX of Castile, who campaigning against the Moors, in the Kingdom of Granada. Near the Castillo de la Estrella, Alfonso's army fought the Saracens at the Battle of Teba. During the battle Douglas observed a knight of his company surrounded by Moorish warriors, and with his remaining men attempted to relieve his countryman. As the knights were hard pressed and outnumbered by the Moors, Sir James Douglas took the silver casket containing the heart of Robert Bruce, and threw it before him among the enemy, saying, "Now pass thou onward before us, as thou wert wont, and I will follow thee or die." Sir James Douglas and most of his men were slain, among them Sir Robert Logan and Sir Walter Logan.

heart Robert de Bruce
Heart of Robert 1 of Scotland
Melrose Abbey
Melrose Abbey, Melrose Scotland, final resting place of the heart of the king.
Clan plant Badge
Furze Ulex
Clan Logan plant: Furze

Clan plants were worn on the men’s bonnets as a means
of identity. In a heated battle, you had to know at a
glance whether a man was friend or foe.


So the Highlanders began wearing sprigs of local plants to identify themselves. Everyone came to know knew who wore which plant.

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