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A: No! Clan Logan may be listed as a sept to Clan Maclennan but that isn't the truth . Septs are families that established themselves on the lands of another Clan Chief and accepted his authority. Clan MacLennan insinuates we are a sept of them. We have paperwork  from the Lord Lyon himself proving otherwise. Once we have a Clan Chief, he will clarify these issues once and for all.

1. Is Clan Logan a Sept???
2. You are Clan Chief Ambassador???? What's that???

A: As you may or may not know,  Clans have Chiefs at the head and then they have Chieftains, people appointed by the Chief to represent them officially in other regions. Clan Logan is an armigerous clan for now, without a Chief. Therefore, although I act as a Chieftain I cannot have that title at the time being. I started as a representative for the province of Quebec a good 7 years ago with the Clan Logan Society international. Then I moved to France and lived in Bordeaux. I  at that time, became Clan Logan representative of France for a few years. When I came back to live in Canada, I was promoted from Clan Logan representative to Chief Ambassador for the country as a whole because I have the experience and fluency in both official languages( English and French) to do it. I am to attend functions and find people related to the Logans across Canada.

3. Are you going to have a Chief soon??

A: That would be soooo nice! It would also restore our legal standing in Scotland and would resolve many issues relating to our Clan!! At this time, the research is continuing, we are making some headway but as you know it's very costly endeavour..done through genealogical research. there are rules to respect with Lord Lyon. We will see.

4. Are you Scottish??

A: That's a question I get quite often. My mother was Margaret Logan. I am Scottish by decent. Boys generally adopt their Mother's tartan and Clan. I choose to celebrate the mother I had everyday with great pride.

5. How does someone become a member?

Steven Logan

Clan Logan Chief Ambassador of Canada

Steven Logan Chef Ambassador Clan Logan Canada

Hoc Majorum Virtus:

This is the valour of my ancestors

A: It is easy to become a member. just fill out the form, it's

   free!!  Logans, names associated to Logan and the friends of

   Logans are welcome. Everyone can become part of history

   even if you have no Scottish roots. We exist for canadians

   interested in history, people who want to be part of an active

   Scottish clan. we also accept members from other countries.

   The only expense you would have would be the Clan

   newsletter "our valour". To get that, it's 20$ a year.

6. What are the advantages of membership?

A: You get to be part of a hug community of people. Members get to

     participate in parades, highland games, events if they wish. People

    who buy the newsletter will get the chance to give their news to

    others in the Clan. It's an exclusive newsletter. They will also learn

    more about the history of Clan Logan and their roots.

7. Is Clan Logan Bitter towards Clan Maclennan??
Copyright By: Clan Logan Society International
Patrice Macleod Steven Logan
From left to right:
Patrice L. MacLeod, 6th of Saguenay, GJM, FTC, Esq. and Steven Logan Clan Logan Chief Ambassador
Letter dated August 21st, received from patrice macleod relating to the feather given as a gesture of friendship between clans.

A: NO! Not at all! We have been linked by history and we just think

    differently over certain issues that will be resolved by our Chief,

    once we find him. We are all part of  Scottish history and have our

    own merit. There is no point in being bitter. We believe it's

   important to be respectful towards all Clans, including the

   Maclennans. It's 2017, let's put the rivalry aside!!!

8. Are you supposed to have a feather in your
   bonnet? I thought it was bad etiquette to do so. 
   Does that have anything to do with having a Chief?
A: The clan chief wear 3 eagle feathers, a Chieftain wears 2
    (the Chief decides who his Chieftains are). It can be offensive
    to others if you wear feathers because tradition must be
    maintained and feathers are a form of stature in the Clan
    system. As tempting as it may be, NEVER style yourself with
    eagle feathers or any other feathers unless you can proove
    your status or merit for them!!!!!). We are supposed to put
    nothing on our cap except our clan crest.
    In my case, you are absolutely right to say I should wear
    nothing in my cap since I don't have official Chieftain status.
    I hope that  one day, when we do find our Chief, he will take 
    into account my efforts through the years for the Clan and
    offer me that acknowledgement. I am doing my very best for
    everyone with passion and pride. Only the Chief has the right
    to designate who is Chieftain. if it happens one day, I would
    be extremely honoured. We will see.
    As of August 21st, 2016, I have the perfect right to wear a
    feather in my cap because it was given to me by Clan
    Chieftain Patrice Macleod of Saguenay as a
   gesture of friendship between Clans. It should be noted that I
   have the necessary paperwork to prove my claim certified by
   the Chieftain's seal.
  In this case, it is perfectly alright  that I wear a feather in
  my cap!!!!!
9. In the Scottish Clan system, do people differentiate clans with a Chief and those without?
 A: Yes. Sadly. Clan Logan is armigerous meaning we have no
     Chief for now. That doesn't mean we aren't a Clan. A few
     centuries back we lost track of the Chiefhood due to
     uncontrollable circumstances. We then became armigerous 
    (not that we are in anyway unimportant, irrelevant or inferior
    to other clans with Chiefs as some rather rude and
    uneducated people might point out).
    Keep in mind that ALL clans, armigerous or not deserve the
    utmost respect for their role in the history of Scotland. Clan
    Logan Society of Canada condones any form  of
   discrimination  in that respect towards any Clan. 
   People who treat us differently  because of  that have the right
   to their opinion but are promoting discrimination based on a
   legal statute for Clans in Scotland. A true scot respects others
   and doesn't try to belittle or make other Clans feel worthless
   for what they stand for. It's called having class. It is hurtful,
   offensive and very rude otherwise. These people are not
   authorities in any matter relating to clans.
   The Lord Lyon is the ONLY authority in those matters no
   matter what anybody says.
  It should be noted that we have the paperwork from Lord Lyon
  acknowledging us as a real Clan even if we have no Chief at this
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