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Septs or associated names

What is a Sept??

In the context of Scottish clans, septs are families that followed another family's chief. These smaller septs would then comprise, and be part of, the chief's larger clan. A sept might follow another chief if two families were linked through marriage; or, if a family lived on the land of a powerful laird, they would follow him whether they were related or not. Bonds of manrent were sometimes used to bind lesser chiefs and his followers to more powerful chiefs.

Clan Logan is not a sept of Clan Maclennan

Although we share the same tartan and we are linked through history, we are not a sept of Clan Maclennan. We are two seperate independant clans that each have their own merit in Scotland's rich history. We have received a letter clarifying that fact from the former Lord Lyon himself, Mr.Robin Blair, LVO,WS dated September 25th, 2002. he says the following:

Dear Sir

Thank you for your letter of 14 September. The position is that neither in the appointment of  Ronald George MacLennan as chief in 1978 nor in the appointment of his son this year is the name Logan Incorporated. The appointment refers simply to Clan MacLennan.


History has linked the Logans and the MacLennan, but in 1672 when the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland was set up there were clearly two separate groups. Although no arms were recorded for MacLennan is known that there was a Chief at that time. Arms were recorded by George Logan of that Ilk in 1673 which would indicate that he was Chief of the Name of Logan at that time.


Your Faithfull,

Robin Blair


Lord Lyon letter

Copy of the letter Clan Logan received from The Lord Lyon himself

Clan Logan does not have any septs but there are many names that are derived from Logan that could very well be descendants of us. Here's a list.

The associated names to Clan Logan are:

Lagan, Laggan, Leonerd, Loban, Lobban, Loben, Logane, Logan, Logen, Logg,
Loggan,Loggane, Loggans, Loghane, Loghyn, Login, Logyn, lopan, Lowgan, Lyndon

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