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Become a member of Clan Logan society

You need to fillout a form. Becoming a member is 100% free. You only pay for the newsletter which is optional ( 20$ a year) for a premium membership. Keep in mind that by opting for a membership with our newsletter "our Valour", you get historical facts pertaining to Clan Logan and information about your Clan. You would be missing out on interesting reading if you like history and greater understanding about what your clan is about and what it stands for.

Membership includes:   


                                   - A welcome letter
                                   - A clan Logan membership card.
                                   - A Clan Logan certificate of membership *
                                   - A "Our Valour" newsletter (covers 4 issues a year) *
                                   - The possibility to participate in Clan Logan events within 

                                     Montreal( parades, special events etc.) and possibly elsewhere.
                                   - Meeting new people
                                   - The possibility to do some easy volunteer work
                                     ( people who participate actively get a volunteer certificate)
                                   - Some people Love to host at various events and
                                     become representatives for Clan Logan. If you
                                     like to move around, maybe that's for you!!


                                       * For premium memberships only

​          The cost of the newsletter is 20$ but 10$ of that is for the clan Chief project.

     So in reality, you pay 10$ a year for the newsletter alone!!!!



  -  You can get the form needed, fill it out and send it back to us!   




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