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Canada day parade
Montreal Canada day parae 2018

Clan Logan attended the Montreal Canada day parade on July 1st, 2018. Families came out to celebrate our national holiday and wore white and red, took our their Canada flags and got ready to have fun on a hot day. The parade featured representations of cultures and traditions from many countries such as China, Armenia, India, Hungaria, Iran, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Indonesia, Poland, Malaga, Sri Lanka, Ireland and Japan. Let's us not forget that Clan Logan was present yet again this year to the great interest of onlookers in the crowd and even used a brand new banner which got a lot
of attention. We had supporters come with us to march, lynn Caron who attended our very first Canada day march
was back, Yanice Artigny and Laurent Audar also helped and got involved. We passed in front of the Canada day
parade judges that were very pleased to see us. Clan Logan got a medal for its participation in the event.
We would like to thank all the organizers who have made this parade possible.

Clan Logan Canada day parade

Clan Logan presented a new banner  held by members Yanice Artigny( to the left) and Lynn Caron(to the right)

steven Logan Clan Logan medal

Clan Logan Commissioner of Canada, Steven Logan accepts a medal for Clan Logan's participation in the Montreal Canada day parade 2018.

Clan Logan members 2018

From Left to right, Lynn caron, Laurent Audar and Steven Logan officially representing Clan Logan

 Yanice Artigny( to the left) and Lynn Caron(to the right)ext to our beautiful banner with steven Logan

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