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Coquitlam is a city located in the lower mainland of British Columbia Canada. It is the sixth largest city in the province. Due to its proximity to Vancouver and the rest of the lower mainland, the possibilities are endless in terms of cultural activities
and leisure activities of all kinds. The Coquitlam Highland games draw many people each year and have
become one of the most popular events in British Columbia Canada.

On June 15th, there was a kick off Ceilidth beer garden. Ruckus Deluxe offered great music. It was nice to enjoy a good drink or two with friends and organizers we previously met last year. The mayor of Coquitlam, Mr.Richard Stewart was at the event and we got to share and have a few laughs together. Everyone was extremely pleased Clan Logan was there. we were thanked to have come as far as Montreal to see them, a fact that was mentioned the following day at the Highland games in the closing ceremonies. There was a Pìobaireachd Competition, an event where the highest level of piping took place. Some of the best pro players from the Pacific Northwest are competing in this classical form of highland bagpipe "big" music. Piobaireachd, pronounced "pea-brock", is the classical music of the Great Highland Bagpipe and for which the highest awards in the bagpiping competitions world are given.

Clan Logan continued the adventure and attended the BC Highland games on June 16th at Percy Perry Stadium for the second time. We managed to host the Logan table although it was quite hot and windy! There were many activities going on such as the massed bands, Scottish Country Dancing, British Car exposition, Children's activities and a very interesting Haggis Hunt. The children love to look around and try to find the Haggis hidden in various places all over the games. We were pleasantly surprised at these BC games. There were more Logans and people related to our Clan that came and were more visible. We had the visit of Mike Lobban who wore his

Logan kilt and a Logan family came forth, Kathleen Logan and her Young son Shamus and daughter Ronan came to cheer us on as we marched with our banners at the Clans parade. There was also the heavy events that took place such as the stone putt, weight for distance throws, Scottish Hammer Toss, Sheaf toss and Caber Toss among others. The chieftain of the day was Stewart Cunningham, President of the United Scottish Cultural Society. We would like to thank the BC Highland games, its organizers and volunteers for a wonderful event.

Steven Logan, Clan Logan Commissioner with the Mayor of Coquitlam, Mr.Richard Stewart.

A Logan family came to visit the Logan table!

Mike Lobban came to visit us!!

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