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Clan Logan attended the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games From August 10th to 12th, 2018. Our booth

was right next the the reenactors village which brought in many visitors. At the Fergus games, people who come by
can expect bagpipers, entertainers, a huge Clans section and so much more. The guest of honour this year was Graham
McTavish, the actor that portrays Dougal Mackenzie in the Outlander series. Scottish Clans are honoured at these games
as 51 Scottish Clans came for this event. For the first time, we participated in the traditional Hearth lightin' ceremony and Clan Logan was presented among the other Clans on the field. Last year, the ceremony wasn't held due to poor weather.

Clan Logan met a few new Clans at these games, Clan Barclay and Clan Maitland hosted by Bob and Brenda. Clan Bell, Clan Kincaid, Clan Irwin, Clan Keith, Clan Gordon, Clan Young and so many others also greeted us with open arms, pleased we were back for a second time. On this occasion, I Spoke with Clan MacTavish and got to meet their Scottish Clan Chief, Steven Edward Dugald MacTavish of Dunardry. It was a meeting I will always remember. We would like to thank organisers, the president Dave Radley and volunteers for making this event possible.


Clan Fraser won best Clan 2018. The award was presented by Graham McTavish.


There were highland cows at these games!!


Steven Logan, Dave Radley, President of the Fergus Festival and Highland Games and Laurent Audar. 

Laurent Audar and Steven Logan in front of the Logan Clan tent.


Steven Logan Clan Logan Commissioner of Canada and the Scottish Clan Chief of Clan MacTavish, Steven Edward Dugald MacTavish of Dunardry. 

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