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 This year, Clan Logan decided to visit the Maxville Glengarry games on both days, the 3rd and 4th of August 2018.
It was a great event and we were warmly welcomed upon our return on this second time by the clans coordinator,
Mr.William Hinse-MacCulloch. Everyone at the Maxville Glengarry Games were extremely happy to see us again. Many people came from various parts of Ontario and some from the province of Quebec. There was a great Clans parade and every clan was presented to the crowd. We marched with our banner with great pride. We were very surprise to see Clan Lindsay, a Clan mostly visible in Quebec show up out of the blue. Johanne Lindsay and jean came to say hello and mentionned they might be there next year. Kirsta-Lee Scott, a Clan Logan supporter and her friend
also visited.We were very lucky as we got to spend time with the various Clans, some who were going to the
Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games after. We built ties with Clan Gunn, Clan Bell, Clan Campbell and
Keith among others. We would like to thank the organisers and volunteers of the Maxville Glengarry Games and
look forward to coming back next year.


The Maxville Highland Games organisers and volunteers with Steven Logan.


Laurent, a member of Clan Logan greets visitors.

Clan Lindsay hosting.

Steven Logan Scottish Maxville
Clan Lindsay Clan Logan

Krista-Lee comes to visit her Clan Logan tent.

The Lindsay Clan visits the Maxville Glengarry Games.

Artisans showing their trade and passion.

Caber toss underway!

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