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Régiment De Maisonneuve open house

On September 30th, 2017 was open house day at Le Régiment De Maisonneuve. It is the official military regiment of the city of Montreal part of the 34th squad group of Canada. The Clan Logan Society of Canada was present and ready to celebrate excellence among the reserve forces who offer their contribution and make a big difference in our country.


It was a day full of surprises. We were moved by the warm reception we received. We had an excellent time with all the reserve forces personnel such as soldier Bernier Bastien and Caporal Mercure Marquez to name a few. They all gave us their time and explained the role of being an infantry soldier, shared their experiences and have shown great generosity and patience with us and other visitors. We loved the open house from start to finish. We were extremely honoured to realize that the reserve force personnel of the Régiment De Maisonneuve share the goals and values of Clan Logan. Our moto is Hoc Majorum Virtus from latin meaning this is the valour of our ancestors. Seeing the military demonstrations, the devotion and feeling the passion these military people had was stimulating and corresponds to our clan values. We are very proud of these people and encourage their success. They learned and understood the importance of military values which will ultimately lead these intelligent people towards being fully accomplished individuals who have earned it through hard work. Each person we have met shared their knowledge and there was a very strong sens of solidarity and unity that inspired us. This is why our visit was an important one. We wanted to show our full cooperation, wanted to offer our full support and celebrate excellence. We would like to thank le Régiment De Maisonneuve that gave us an unforgettable day and would like to have an opportunity in the future to demonstrate our solidarity.

A little fighting demo going on
So that's what you eat!
So that's what you eat!!!
Nice tent on display here!
There were various objects.. lamps ..radios..

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The boy Scouts visit Clan Logan!
Look! Wee piper parading!
People sure like to visit Clan Logan!
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